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    4 Ways to Boost Packaging Reduction!
    “Burn or Bury?” seems to be the question of the day. What about tossing another “B-word” into the waste management mix? “Boost” – as in “Boost” packaging reduction…

Air quality matters and it is of significant importance to those who live in the Fraser Valley. On April 24th, 2013, election candidates were sent a questionnaire and asked to share their stance on incineration. The responses are tabulated in this document. Candidate comments on incineration were also gathered from the media and from all candidate meetings and have been summarized in this document.  We encourage you to read their comments.

We live in a confined airshed that is particularly susceptible to the build up of contaminants and pollutants that have a serious negative impact on human health and the environment.

For many years residents and agencies in the Fraser Valley have worked hard to adopt strategies to reduce emissions that contribute to pollution and we’ve done a good job. Emissions have been reduced as much as 35% in last two decades. There is still work to do and we want to encourage people to find out as much as possible about the issues that affect air quality and engage in a conversation about what we can do to protect and promote clean air.

We invite you to join us on Facebook and Twitter, post comments on our regular blog, and get involved in the topic. Air quality matters and so does your opinion. Come back and visit us, often.